Winter’s a fine time for a wine tour… why?

If you’re thinking about a wine tour at this time of year there’s many things to your advantage. Such as there are no crowds! Making appointments is a lot easier and you can get into most wineries. The yellow mustard seed is amazing and make for beautiful photos and the mountains are as green and [...]

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Yes, it’s Spring

Spring is in the air and so is Budbreak 2018   and a few events going on in April Greetings from the northern california wine country. It is just beginning to warm up here after a week of rain. The hills are a vibrant, luscious green and my eyes just can’t get enough of the beauty. I [...]

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The Wine Country wants YOU back!

The Sonoma and Napa Wine Country is OPEN for business and they want you back. They are so happy to be pouring wine; some have offered free tastings. I recently drove for a group of 10 from Louisiana that planned their trip over a year ago and chose not to cancel... and they were so [...]

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Hiring a designated driver for a Wine Tour in Napa, Sonoma or wherever…

  Have you wondered what a designated driver does? We, at Let’s Roll Wine Tours & Designated Drivers do just that… as a designated driver service we pick you up from your hotel,  Airbnb or from your home and drive you in the luxury of your car to the beautiful vineyards of Napa or Sonoma [...]

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It’s Budbreak time in the wine country !!

Budbreak… one of my favorite times of the year to visit Northern California’s wine country. It’s happening right now at any number of your favorite wineries and you know what that means? The wine tasting season of 2017 is just getting started. It’s exciting and ah-inspiring to me to see these little green buds popping [...]

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The Cabernet grapes are the last to crush

It’s October and the “Crush” is on. Northern CA, along with Napa & Sonoma County wineries are in full swing with picking grapes and continuing on with the fermentation.  The process of crushing and destemming is critical. Seeds and stems contain the high concentrations of tannins. This is what can make the wine taste bitter [...]

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