What is Priority Wine Pass?

Priority Wine Pass is a membership program that will help elevate your wine tasting experience. We provide the best discounts in the most popular wine regions across the US. Our discounts include those at hand picked wineries, wine bars, hotels, restaurants and transportation companies. We also provide concierge-type service for our members for personalized wine tasting recommendations.

How and when can I use my Priority Wine Pass?

You will receive a Priority Wine Pass as a PDF that you can print or show on your smart phone to our specific winery partners the same day of purchase. If you opted in for a physical Priority Wine Pass by mail, it is ready for wine country adventure the day you receive it in the mail.

Our mission

To give the gift of sharing wine and the exhilarating experience, which embraces all that surrounds each unique winery.

At the same time we aim to assist boutique wineries and help broaden the exposure of their efforts and the fruits of their labor to the world, along with assisting larger vintners, which we also love and support, making them more accessible and familiar to all whom have an appreciation for the culture of wine.

When you become a member of Priority Wine Pass, we promise to make sure you have the best experiences possible at each vineyard and introduce you to wineries that we have come to know and regard with high integrity.

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