The Cabernet grapes are the last to crush

By October 6, 2016 December 18th, 2019 Wine tour
mouth watering grapes

It’s October and the “Crush” is on. Northern CA, along with Napa & Sonoma County wineries are in full swing with picking grapes and continuing on with the fermentation.  The process of crushing and destemming is critical. Seeds and stems contain the high concentrations of tannins. This is what can make the wine taste bitter and have an undesirable flavor and what the wine makers try to avoid in the wine making process.

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On location at Savannah Chanelle winery, I photographed the guys picking grapes and the destemming process. The grapes were then transported into large stainless steel tanks and yeast was added in the tanks to ferment the wine.  This was a fascinating process to watch.

When is a good time to take a wine tour? NOW! The season will be winding down at the end of the month but there is always wine tasting all year long. Also, Wine Road is coming up November 5th & 6th, please book your tour with Let’s Roll Wine Tours & Designated Drivers.