The rains have come and gone … for now.

By March 15, 2016 December 18th, 2019 Wine tour

It’s a sumptuous green velvet turf all throughout the hills and valleys of this beautiful land of Northern California. Here in Marin County our reservoirs are full and they say will hold us for only two years. We still need more rain folks.

On the other hand I have had a couple cancellations with wine tours and photo shoots because of the rain. Oh no!! On the bright side it has given me some time to catch up on home chores and paperwork.

The vineyards are so close to bud break, I’m thinking in the next two weeks when we get some clear and warmer weather BAM! Bud Break!! It’s so exciting this time of year to see the first buds and green leaves pop up through the grapevine shoots.

We’re here for you.  Let’s Roll!

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